2016-02-28_12-18-47Sometimes staying home with your pooch seems more appealing than meeting a possible paramour, right? Before you make the couch-potato-versus-social-butterfly decision, you might want to think first about the color blue… or, maybe, gold. “Color matching is a methodology that can instantly tell

you a lot about your personality and, believe it or not, your dog,” says Letitia Fox, creator of Canine Colors. “The colors that attract you reflect your strengths and teach you about yourself as well as your date, depending on the card selection. Comparing that information with the traits attached to your pet may help you decide if you’re better off going out or staying in with your furry friend.” – See more at: http://www.match.com/magazine/article/11686/Your-Date-VS-Your-Dog/#sthash.311Kk7Wb.dpuf