Letitia Fox’s new book Canine Colors is the inspiration for two new certification programs that have been developed for animal caregivers working in the veterinary and animal rescue fields. Canine Colors Certification Programs are tailored to the animal caregiver and veterinary practitioner who not only want to strengthen the human-animal bond, but also desire a great work environment and organizational culture.

Level 1 Certification

Canine Colors for Veterinary Teams is a 120 minute online certification program that equips leaders with the knowledge and tools to build and lead a stronger team of co-workers or volunteers! This fun, easy-to-use team building and communications method uses self-awareness to build stronger teams in any veterinary or animal care setting. Your organization will embrace this program, as it is tailored specifically for the animal care setting.


  • History of Canine Colors
  • Participating In and Facilitating the Self Reporting Process
  • Color Keys: The Color Spectrum for Team Leaders
  • A Look at Introversion and Extroversion
  • Brightening the Colors of Your Team
  • Scheduling and Team Building Basics for Animal Care Teams
  • Unifying Your Animal Health Care Team with Canine Colors
  • The Use of Canine Colors in Your Workplace
Level 2 Certification

Canine Colors for Coaches is a 90 minute certification program for breed selection, adoption coaching and pet behavior coaching. Graduates of Canine Colors for Veterinary Teams will learn to take Canine Colors a step further by administering Canine Colors testing on clients and their canine patients! This program will provide participants with the ability to offer new services in their veterinary practice or pet adoption facility, while strengthening the human-animal bond. Certified Coaches will be able to assist clients in choosing the right dog for their family and lifestyle. They will also be able to coach clients, who are struggling with understanding their dog’s personality and needs, which in many cases is misconstrued as behavior problems.


  • Facilitating the Client Self-Reporting Process
  • Determining Your Ideal Canine Companion
  • Pet Selection Counseling
  • Canine Colors Coaching
  • Clients and Their Canine Companions: Basic Needs
  • Brightening the Bond Between Clients and Their Canine Companions
  • Q&A
  • What to do after the program

Canine Colors for Veterinary Teams is open to veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary technicians, and anyone else who may act in a leadership role, either in a veterinary hospital or animal shelter setting. Graduates of this program can then move on to complete the Canine Colors for Coaches certification program. Some organizations may prefer the certification process be split between two people on staff. This is acceptable when a leader in the organization has been certified in Canine Colors for Veterinary Teams and the organization is actively using the Canine Colors program. In these cases, the Certified Canine Colors Leader may recommend a veterinary technician or other support staff team member to the Canine Colors Coaching program.

This program is great for True Colors Facilitators to use as part of employee engagement!


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