February 1, 2010. Santa Ana, California. True Colors International has announced the launch of the exciting new book, Canine Colors,  the first of its kind to truly give you insight into your dog’s personality and your own.

“In talking with dog owners and trainers, one thing that became very clear was that many people did not understand their dogs and frequently had difficulty relating to them or selecting the best match for themselves or their family,” said Letitia Fox, author and creator of Canine Colors.

“This innovative and interactive book is a fun, productive way of taking the mystery out of finding the perfect dog for you.  And if you already have a dog, it will enhance your canine companionship.”

“The initial response to Canine Colors has been phenomenal,” continued Fox. “I think what we are seeing here is that dog owners, potential dog owners, breeders, trainers and pet store owners are drawn to the simplicity of it and the extraordinary benefits as well.”

For example, Fox said that many potential dog owners at a recent pet adoption were finding that learning about what kind of dog owner they are helped them better select the proper pet for their family. Further learning what kind of activities and daily routine each dog preferred, people could select the best match.

What makes Canine Colors unique is that it allows you to discover yourself first. Each individual has a distinct personality that sets him or her apart from all the rest and makes people who they are. Identifying their strengths by using the True Colors model makes them shine. The same theory can be applied to dogs too, as each dog has a distinct personality. This handy guide helps you better understand and communicate with your dog as you discover what your True Colors Spectrum is as a dog owner.

Canine Colors is the first book for pets from True Colors International. For over thirty years True Colors® has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their interpersonal relationships. Applying our methodology in a fun, easy-to-use process that identifies personality and enables people to better understand themselves and others, this method offers an invaluable insight for enjoying success in life. It uses the colors Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue to differentiate four basic personality types.

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